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Die Meinung aller Kunden ist uns sehr wichtig. Wir möchten eine sehr gute und professionelle Arbeit machen und uns stetig weiter entwickeln.

Gabor Gergely
Commercial Event Sales Manager
(UK & Ireland)

Romana has accumulated a substantial amount of experience in the event planning and catering industry. She has a firm understanding of event operations, planning and marketing. Romana has the aptitude to do extremely well in executing an event, has an excellent work ethic, and is diligent in completing quality work in a timely manner. She is very personable, has benefit from a variety of cultural, life and educational experience and is able to work in a fast-paced setting characterised by diverse and complex tasks that change on a daily basis. Her attention to detail, dependability, and commitment was critical to every successful event she executed. 

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Name, Titel

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